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Hey Reader, It’s been a while. I know. Sorry… I was doing a beta reading for my book and all of that. But that’s over and we are back to our usual weekday blogging! Today I’m going to talk about theme. This was something… Continue Reading “Theme”


Hey Reader, Today is another psychology into writing kind of post. I just took an exam on intelligence and problem solving in my psychology class, and I actually did pretty well. One thing that stood out to me in the unit was this little… Continue Reading “Creativity”

Beta Reading is Here!

Hey Reader, Hey Reader, I’m hosting a beta testing for my upcoming novel, Holding My Breath! I encourage you to get involved, not just because you will get to read my book before anyone else, but for several other reasons as well. I’m really… Continue Reading “Beta Reading is Here!”

Backspace Button

Hey Reader, Let’s think back to our first draft for a moment, okay? We all tried to get all of our ideas down onto paper and repress our inner editors. We met our word count goals and had fun doing it. We lost ourselves… Continue Reading “Backspace Button”


Hey Reader, Sorry for not posting yesterday. I’m going to blog on Saturday to make up for it (I usually only blog every weekday). I had a huge exam to prepare for and have been studying like crazy for my midterms and finals. Remember,… Continue Reading “Balance”

Keep Going

Hey Reader, Are we there yet? I’m tired. Aren’t you? Even I get discouraged, because I’m a writer and that’s normal for us. There are really high highs from doing what we are doing, but then there are those low, tedious parts during editing… Continue Reading “Keep Going”

Paper vs. Digital

Hey Reader, I was just wondering… which one do you like better: paper or digital? I’ve known people who can only get their creative juices flowing when they use the old-fashioned pen and paper, but I also know people who like the efficiency that… Continue Reading “Paper vs. Digital”

Interview Info

Hey Reader, Don’t worry. I’ll still post a book review and writing tips today. This is a special kind of post:) So a fellow blogger named Jim Vines recently posted his interview with me on his blog. I’m extremely excited to have gotten the… Continue Reading “Interview Info”

My Editing Process

Hey Reader, So my copy came early! If you haven’t been following this blog this whole time, I’ll explain. After NaNoWriMo, I ordered a print copy book so that I can edit it on something other than the computer and work on the cover… Continue Reading “My Editing Process”

Getting Yourself to Write

Hey Reader, This is a problem that I have temporarily outgrown. Temporarily, because I’m sure it will come back to me eventually. Writer’s block is a crippling thing to a writer, and it is one of the hardest things in the writing process. I’m… Continue Reading “Getting Yourself to Write”