Art Portfolios

“Pets” Portfolio: This portfolio follows the portraits Crockett has painted for customers of their pets. This is an ever growing portfolio and if you would like information on how to get a custom portrait made, click here. If you would like to watch speed paints of these artworks on Crockett’s YouTube channel, click here.


“Breadth” Portfolio: This portfolio follows the range of styles, medium, and subject matter Crockett has explored over the years. Each of these pieces have a different motivation and purpose behind them. This is an ever growing portfolio and pieces will be added regularly as they are created.


“Breaking Down” Portfolio: This portfolio describes the effects of mental disorders on the individual suffering from them. Promoting awareness to mental health and getting help for it has always been a focus in Crockett’s work, but here it is concentrated in 12 surrealistic oil paintings. This is a finished portfolio, though occasional edits may be made with interest to improving the pieces present. To watch a few select pieces be created in time lapse, click here.


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