Elizabeth pretended that she didn’t remember.

She pretended that she had been taken like everyone else. That her mind had wiped like the others. She pretended she couldn’t do what she could do. But now the truth is coming out and the Insightful are back.

They say that the legendary 5 Insightful can see through time, that they know things they shouldn’t. That they will rise again. If that’s true, then the war isn’t over, the war that tore everything apart. The war that turned the world against itself.

Gripped by the mindful eye of the Authorities and held back by the stone walls of the Curb, Elizabeth struggles to find a way out of the darkness. To stay alive in a world that wants her dead. Through a journey of secrets, love and deception, she must face the past to save those like her.

But the real question is, can she save herself– Or will she be the one to pull the trigger?

*This is the first book I ever wrote, when I was in middle school. If I ever fix it up, I might publish it in hard copy. It’s nowhere near as good as my other novels, but a lot of people requested to read it, so if you want to read it for free, click here.

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