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6 Plots

Hey Readers, I thought this article was interesting enough to share it with you: There are just SIX plots It tells a little more about some of the well known arcs in writing and storytelling, so maybe it’ll be useful in your writing. -Kelli… Continue Reading “6 Plots”

Writers and Writing Communities

Hey Reader, I’m always excited when I’ve found a new person who is doing something for other in relation to writing. It’s always great to find YouTube channels of authors who are posting videos with advice on writing, or bloggers who are gathering tools… Continue Reading “Writers and Writing Communities”

The Little Things

Hey Reader, Last week, I gave you some inspirational-sort of videos to get us all into the mindset of writing for the summer season. Today, I’m going to give you a few different methods that I have to get into the writing-mood.

If I Should Have A Daughter

Hey Reader, There’s this awesome spoken word poem/TED Talk in the video below! Sorry about giving you short posts with videos for the last/next few days. I couldn’t get big posts done but I still wanted to post. Finals end on Thursday, so you’ve… Continue Reading “If I Should Have A Daughter”

How To Write A Book

Hey Reader:) This is a video I came across about two years ago…? Yeah, about two. Three? Probably three. Anyway, I saw this just when I was starting to get serious about writing, when I first started this blog (the pre-wordpress days), and when… Continue Reading “How To Write A Book”


Hey Reader, It’s been a while. I know. Sorry… I was doing a beta reading for my book and all of that. But that’s over and we are back to our usual weekday blogging! Today I’m going to talk about theme. This was something… Continue Reading “Theme”

Characterizing Tips

Hey Reader, I have a couple of tips for you today… I’ve seen that these are things that a lot of writers don’t even think about for when they are characterizing their characters. So I thought I’d share it with you:)

Editing Partner

Hey Reader, I’m a writer. You’re probably a writer. That’s what we do… If there is anything in the world that we know how to do, it’s write. That’s awesome, since we can do great things with our words. We can do anything, really.… Continue Reading “Editing Partner”

Quick Editing Tips

Hey Reader, This is going to be really short. I have an AP test tomorrow and I’ve been studying (Oh, the inconvenience of education). I have two quick tips for you that I’ve come to appreciate in the process of editing. While editing HMB,… Continue Reading “Quick Editing Tips”

Practice Makes… well, better.

Hey Reader, I hated writing dialogue. Not because I hate dialogue in books, just because I suck at writing it. I usually have to go through a few rounds of editing before my dialogue even looks remotely realistic. In first drafts, I tend to… Continue Reading “Practice Makes… well, better.”