6 Plots

Hey Readers,

I thought this article was interesting enough to share it with you:

There are just SIX plots

It tells a little more about some of the well known arcs in writing and storytelling, so maybe it’ll be useful in your writing.

-Kelli 🙂

Writers and Writing Communities

Hey Reader,

I’m always excited when I’ve found a new person who is doing something for other in relation to writing. It’s always great to find YouTube channels of authors who are posting videos with advice on writing, or bloggers who are gathering tools for others to use with their writing.

That said, I’m going to share some of the helpful people/communities I’ve found that have helped me get excited and keep writing.

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The Little Things

Hey Reader,

Last week, I gave you some inspirational-sort of videos to get us all into the mindset of writing for the summer season. Today, I’m going to give you a few different methods that I have to get into the writing-mood.

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If I Should Have A Daughter

Hey Reader,

There’s this awesome spoken word poem/TED Talk in the video below! Sorry about giving you short posts with videos for the last/next few days. I couldn’t get big posts done but I still wanted to post. Finals end on Thursday, so you’ve just got to hang in there with me until then. I love this poem so much that I’ve memorized it– that’s how many times I’ve watched it.

Anyway, the poem is called If I Should Have A Daughter by Sarah Kay, and it’s the first two or three minutes of the video. So inspirational, too. A teacher in middle school told me about this poem back when she read some of my writing, and ever since then I’ve been telling as many people about it as I can. After the poem is a TED Talk about poetry, which is also amazing. It makes you look at poetry in an entirely different way. Watch it! (I challenge you:))

Thank you for reading, and don’t stop writing!

Kelli Crockett

How To Write A Book

Hey Reader:)

This is a video I came across about two years ago…? Yeah, about two. Three? Probably three.

Anyway, I saw this just when I was starting to get serious about writing, when I first started this blog (the pre-wordpress days), and when I was still in the middle of planning Deception. This video was made by Kaleb Nation, before he wrote Harken, and I still go back and watch it all of the time because it’s a good inspiration to me. In fact, every morning during the Deception days, I would get up at 5:30 in the morning, watch this video, and write for an hour before getting ready for school. It’s one of many things that kept me going through 125,000 words of my first book.

Seriously, you just need to watch it. If you know what it’s like to try and take on the task of writing a book, even if you’ve only written a chapter, this is the most relatable thing ever. I’ve probably watched it… fifty times by now? A hundred. Probably a hundred…

My challenge for you? Try to take something away from it. Even if you don’t write novels, even if you aren’t writing right now, try to take something away from it to help you write later on. Comment what you think!

Also, throughout the summer I’m going to be expanding my posts into more inspirational things and tools for writers, as well as a few other things to try and help you all in your writing as well. That said, the posts will vary in length (at least that way I can get something out everyday). If you have any ideas for writers, anything you might want to share on my blog, I’m definitely open to anyone who wants to do a guest post!

As always, good luck:)

Thank you for reading, and don’t stop writing!

Kelli Crockett

(disclaimer: I do not own any rights to this video. It is linked from YouTube for non-profit reasons)


Hey Reader,

It’s been a while. I know. Sorry… I was doing a beta reading for my book and all of that. But that’s over and we are back to our usual weekday blogging!

Today I’m going to talk about theme. This was something that came up about a week ago in my English class. Pretty much every novel out there has a central theme that is expressed by the story itself. And for this theme to be expressed effectively, every single thing in the story should be contributing to it, whether directly or indirectly.

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Characterizing Tips

Hey Reader,

I have a couple of tips for you today… I’ve seen that these are things that a lot of writers don’t even think about for when they are characterizing their characters. So I thought I’d share it with you:)

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Editing Partner

Hey Reader,

I’m a writer. You’re probably a writer. That’s what we do… If there is anything in the world that we know how to do, it’s write. That’s awesome, since we can do great things with our words. We can do anything, really.

But there is a sort of downside to being a writer. (You know, other than the crazy habits that go along with it)

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Quick Editing Tips

Hey Reader,

This is going to be really short. I have an AP test tomorrow and I’ve been studying (Oh, the inconvenience of education).

I have two quick tips for you that I’ve come to appreciate in the process of editing. While editing HMB, I’ve atually realized how important these are, and how much it can open your eyes to the problems in your story. Especially when you know there is a problem, just not quite what it is.

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Practice Makes… well, better.

Hey Reader,

I hated writing dialogue. Not because I hate dialogue in books, just because I suck at writing it. I usually have to go through a few rounds of editing before my dialogue even looks remotely realistic. In first drafts, I tend to focus too much on the character’s facial expressions and body movements. It’s hard for me to think about what they are saying.

Everyone has something in writing that they don’t like to write as much as other things. Description. Dialogue. Building characters. Introducing the setting. Beginning chapters. Ending chapters. There’s always something that gets you down as a writer. And it’s not because it is boring or terrible. It’s because you struggle with it, so you don’t want to write it as much as other things.

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