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Nightmares and Red Palms

Hey everyone! I have a new story up on my Wattpad.  It’s called Nightmares and Red Palms. I’m considering publishing it just so some of you all can get physical copies of it, but it is possible that I may just add it as a bonus… Continue Reading “Nightmares and Red Palms”


Hey Reader, I’ve been gone for like… a month? Dear lord. Just writing a blog post right now feels weird. I do have a good excuse. You know, end of the school year and exams and that crazy beta reading… but you all deserve… Continue Reading “I’M BACK:)”

Almost There…

Hey everyone! Just so you know: There are five days left on the Beta Reading. This means that next week, I’ll be going back to the regular weekday posting of chapters. Everything is going to go back to usual. Thank you so much for… Continue Reading “Almost There…”

Art and Writing

Welcome to my blog!  I blog each weekday about writing, art and more. Thank you to all of my readers/watchers for helping me to make this blog so successful. I hope that my experiences and ideas help you as well. If you are interested… Continue Reading “Art and Writing”

My Editing Process

Hey Reader, So my copy came early! If you haven’t been following this blog this whole time, I’ll explain. After NaNoWriMo, I ordered a print copy book so that I can edit it on something other than the computer and work on the cover… Continue Reading “My Editing Process”

Part 16: Falling Actions

Dear Reader, How’s your summer going? Mine is great so far and I’ve had a lot of time to write, which is great for both of us. I’m sorry about posting this late, but I was in a car for what seems like half… Continue Reading “Part 16: Falling Actions”

Part 15: Climax

Dear Reader, Sorry I’m publishing this so late, but I’ve been querying agents all day for my book, Deception. So in this chapter, I’m going to talk about Climaxes. If you look at the plot diagram below, you will see the box in the middle… Continue Reading “Part 15: Climax”

Part 14: Rising Actions

Dear Reader, In this chapter, I’m going to talk about the plot diagram again. So far, we’ve covered the exposition box and the conflict box, but now it’s time to move into the rising actions and the climax.* Let’s start with rising actions. Rising… Continue Reading “Part 14: Rising Actions”

Part 13: Conflicts

Dear Reader, This Saturday I think we should go a little further on that plot diagram, don’t you think? Well, after the exposition would come the conflict. If you look at the plot diagram below, you will see a circle with the word “Conflict”… Continue Reading “Part 13: Conflicts”

Part 12: Exposition

Dear Reader, So, this chapter may be long, but it’s important. Having a good weekend so far? Well it’s about to get even better because we are going to talk about your exposition. This is the first box on the picture attached, and is… Continue Reading “Part 12: Exposition”