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I blog each weekday about writing, art and more. Thank you to all of my readers/watchers for helping me to make this blog so successful. I hope that my experiences and ideas help you as well. If you are interested in my YouTube channel, you can access it here.


Nightmares and Red Palms

Hey everyone!

I have a new story up on my Wattpad.  It’s called Nightmares and Red Palms.

I’m considering publishing it just so some of you all can get physical copies of it, but it is possible that I may just add it as a bonus in the back of my next publication. Who knows.

Nightmares and Red Palms is a historical fiction one-act play. It takes place in the invasion of Sicily, Italy in 1943. It’s complete, but the ending might change depending on what you all think. I added at the end of the story, exclusively for Wattpad readers, a little behind the scenes blog. It tells about some easter eggs and unknown histories about the characters and stuff. It also tells how I might change the ending… I don’t want to post it here because many of my WordPress followers haven’t read it yet. I’m not one to spoil stories, especially my own.

It’s been chosen to submit to a scholastic competition for my school, so I have until November 19th to make any changes. Please go read it before then and let me know if you think I should edit the ending or not!

Warning: People have cried over it. Prepare yourself.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you all! Thank you so much for reading and if you aren’t following me on Wattpad, it’s free and really easy. There, you get exclusive access to several stories and things you won’t get on here.

Actually, since I mentioned that, I have a new series coming up. I’m going to be posting regular short stories and maybe even poetry to my Wattpad. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll post them here on my blog, too. I’ll update you when it get’s closer to starting that!

Thank you for reading!!<3



New Art Videos!

Hey everyone,

I just posted two more videos on my youtube channel! I’ve meant to keep blogging with them as they are posted, but I’ve missed a few (you can still find them on my youtube channel, Crocketagne).

Here are the next two videos!

Thanks for watching:) xoxo, Kelli.


“Human” Time Lapse Painting – Crocketagne

Hey, everyone! Thank you so much for watching!

The song is Human by Ellie Goulding I upload new videos every weekend on my YouTube channel, Crocketagne!

In this video, I use 18×24 watercolor paper, watercolor paint, Prismacolor pencils, white gouache, Faber Castell PITT artist pen, Uniball Signo white gel pen, rubbing alcohol, and salt.

For more sneak peaks on my art and writing, follow me here:……


Wave Painting Time Lapse – Crocketagne

Hey everyone!

I started a YouTube channel! 

I started a YouTube channel! Below is my first video and I will be posting a new video every week. This painting was created with acrylic paint on a canvas board. The song that plays in the background is Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.

I’ll be linking all of the videos I post to this blog. Thank you for watching and please subscribe!

Xo, Kelli.

Days 18, 21, and 22

Hey Readers,

My eyes are pretty much better so I’m psyched to write. It’s been like an itch that I can’t scratch…

Sorry about the combo of days here, by the way. With all of the Black Friday sales, I traded out my old computer for a new one that works! Get this: it loads Microsoft Word without a ten-minute pause. It’s crazy… It even has a headphone jack that works and turns on every time you press power.

See what I did there? This is something I’m noticing a lot in the book that I’m reading right now. The author tells me a lot of things without actually saying it, or showing it. Instead, they give an implied comparison to let me figure out the information.

For example, from above you can tell that my old computer didn’t have a working headphone jack, didn’t boot up every time I tried to turn it on, and had a ten-minute wait for Word to load. I never actually said any of this, but used these details in my description of how my new computer is/is not like. The details stand out as well. If I were typically describing a new computer, I might say it’s fast or sleek or has interesting new features. Instead, I said that it turned on… it makes the reader think a little and put together the story.

My challenge for you is to find a comparison in your story. Something that has changed or changes the life of the character in some way. Use this method to describe it and see how it enhances your story, setting the description apart from the flow of how you usually describe things. It will bring variety.

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

XO, Kelli.

Day 14 and 15

Hey Reader,

Sorry that we are still having trouble with the internet in my neighborhood, but here I am.

Just so you know… I quit this year’s NaNoWriMo about a week ago but I’ve been putting off mentioning it. I’m not giving up on the story or anything. In fact, I’m going to be writing it next month I think. I’ve been having some eye strain problems (can’t focus on words, bad headaches, etc) and my doctor literally said to stay away from screens and limit my reading time. LIMIT MY READING TIME. HOW AM I STILL ALIVE.

Anyway, I’ll still be on here every day to write about writing and check in with you all, but I’m not putting myself on a 50k word timer anymore. I’m just writing as much as I can without messing with my eyes and all of that.

Getting back to today’s post… We are halfway through NaNoWriMo! AHHH!

Time for more reflecting. My challenge for you is to look back over what you’ve got and still make sure you are going in the right direction. Maybe you want to add in a scene or two to what you’ve already written in order to pave a better path to where you want the story to go. Maybe you want to make a few notes on what you want to change and go back to it later (don’t stop the roll you are on now!). Find three good things that you’ve noticed and three bad things, then use that information to write better going forward.

Good luck! As always, thanks for reading and don’t stop writing:)

XO, Kelli

Day 10 (And 11)

Hey Reader,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! Something happened last night with my neighborhood and everybody’s internet went out… But it’s back! So I’m going to give you what I wrote yesterday, okay?

I suppose, though, that you still need a challenge for day 11. How about this: Today I went to a book store and made a list of all of the books I want to read(At least the ones I got to in the 3 hours I was there). But I didn’t buy any of them, so when I got home I wasn’t tempted to read instead of write. It helped me, though, to see all of those books on shelves and get super excited about them. To see how each one was written and cared for by the writer first, before all of that editing and publishing and stuff. It made me want to write more, and it gave me a lot of ideas of how I can twist my story.

My challenge for you is to do the same thing. Don’t look at the books you own; you’ve seen them too much already to really appreciate them in this way. Go to a book store. Go to a library. Go somewhere where there are books galore and read the blurbs. Flip through them. Read the first few pages. And then if you decide it’s a book you want to read, write down the title on a list. And next to it, write the author’s full name, not just the last name or an initial. So you know that there is a person behind that book and that name who was just excited about the story you are holding as you are. More so, that they wrote it all down.

Anyway, I think this is worth doing. Give it a try. Here’s the post from yesterday: Day 10


Hey Reader,

Today marks the one third mark on our way through NaNoWriMo! Congrats to all of you who are on schedule or ahead. And to those who are behind, like me, get to work!

I think this is a good point in the word dump of your first draft to stop and reflect. My challenge for you is to look over what you’ve done so far and decide if you are on the right track. See where you can take the story from where you are. Make some notes of what you might plan to change about it in the future if you decide to go in another direction and don’t want to backtrack just yet. In the first book I wrote, I changed the whole premise of the story halfway through and went back to rewrite and edit the beginning a month later.

I know I’ve got a lot of reflecting to do… and writing. I’m pretty behind. I don’t even want to look at the word count until I think I’ve gotten some progress. Sometimes you’ve got to just let the words write themselves for a while before you try to measure them… Or maybe I’m just scared to see how far back I am…

Happy Veteran’s day!  Good luck, and as always: Thank you for reading and don’t stop writing!

XO, Kelli

Day 9

Hey Reader,

Sorry, I skipped day 8… American election exploding and all. Seeing as how I live in America, that was kind of a huge deal for my family, friends and me. Anyway, today I’d like to talk about that inner editor. I’ve been trying not to bring the inner editor up, like maybe it would go away, but I think it’s time.

For those of you who haven’t done NaNoWriMo before, an inner editor is an important tool–for later. For now, we have to turn it off. Pretty much, this means that when you are writing and you think, “Oh, this really sucks,” or “I give up. I hate this story”, you should just ignore it. Don’t edit before you’ve word-barfed your story onto paper. That’s when you can tear it apart and fix everything. In fact, you may find that you are a better rewriter than you are a writer.

One thing that many people don’t think about when it comes to writing is just how far that inner editor goes. You want to cut them off, but not to the point where you are writing stuff like “I hate this story omg please let this be over with. The characters do a thing and then they do another thing that’s it the end” in the middle of your book just for word count. You also don’t want to be making such major plot mistakes that it will take you twice as long to change later than if you thought about them now.

I’d say that the power of that inner editor is in the reviewing. That’s where I draw my line. When I write, I always start with what I wrote the day before and move into the story by rereading. Sometimes when I’m reviewing it like this, I might notice a grammar mistake or a good place for a description. And when I see it, I fix it. But I block the part of the inner editor that goes searching for it.

My challenge for you is to figure out how far you want your inner editor to be able to go, and where exactly you cut yourself off from being too critical in a first draft. If you haven’t done any of this yet, try writing today without thinking about it too much in technicality, but rather just get the story out.

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

XO, Kelli.

Day 7

Hey Reader,

Sorry it’s late. Something occurred to me earlier today, though. I’ve really been wanting to read this book that my friend brought to school today and I took  sneak peek at the first few pages. Just by looking at the book it made me think a lot more about the style of writing I’m using for this book I’m writing and got me interested in it. I got to thinking about if the style I’m using is the best for the story (I change my style to match the story I’m writing, both for variety and to challenge myself) and I think it gave me some clarity on this new style.

At first, I still wasn’t sure. In fact, I wasn’t even sure about the story because it is only day 7 and until now I’ve been having trouble. However, I think this little detail was what was keeping me on edge. I kept thinking “It’s only day 7… not too late to try another idea…” but just looking at the writing style was enough to convince me. So for you out there thinking the same thing, try this:

Read. I’m not saying that you should set aside writing time for reading, but do grab books similar to what you’re writing and glance through them. See whether you would best tell the story through witty humor, light hearted writing, straight forward, extremely descriptive, focused on actions, focused on dialogue, flowing, choppy, etc, etc. What do the books you like, the ones that fit on the shelf right next to yours, use? Does it give you inspiration for your own story. My challenge for you is to give this a go. Maybe keep these books on hand for other things to reference, like hooks and ways to keep the reader interested, or the characterization through the story, everything.

Seriously, it helped me so much and I’m pretty sure the rest of this month won’t be as stressful and kind-of-dreadful as it has been so far. Because, let’s face it, deadlines and writer’s block don’t mix. So get out of that hole you’re digging yourself into and get to work!

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

Good luck:)

XO, Kelli

Day 4

Word Count: Still somewhere in the 2,000’s

Hey Reader,

So I just did a ton of stuff I was going to have to do tomorrow, and now I won’t have to do it. In other words, tomorrow is pretty much going to be a full day of writing! I’m about so start my marathon… I usually work better at night so I may just stay up for ten more hours and sleep through the rest of Saturday or something…

I find that when I have a designated time to write each day, I get more done in that little amount of time. Usually, I write from at least 8pm to 10pm each day, and that’s helped manage time more. But when I have a whole day to work on it, I can think better and don’t feel as pressured to spit out a ridiculous word count. I already know that I’m still super behind…

The one week I didn’t have much time to write was when NaNoWriMo started and I didn’t plan enough…

Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’ll push through. I seriously love this idea now that I’ve changed the perspectives a little bit and a few of the plot points, so as soon as I get into it tomorrow, I’ll be getting ahead.

So here’s one thing I’m going to try tomorrow. I’m going to shoot for ten thousand. I got this idea from a youtuber who did “10k Tuesdays” during NaNoWriMo (I can’t remember her name… it was like katastic or something like that… sorry). Anyway, I liked the idea as a way to really push myself into the story when I am still hesitant about some parts or am blocked. I know tomorrow is a Saturday, but it’s the same concept.

So I’m gonna get to work… I’ve got a lot of that to do. I’ve also thought about maybe posting some excerpts of stuff I really like on here as a way to keep me going and get advice. It also gives you all a sneak peak into what is the work-in-progress of my next novel!

Finally, my challenge for you is to pick a day or two this month that you will have off and reserve that time for writing. The whole day. If you have other responsibilities on those days, then get them done beforehand. If it’s non-negotiable, like work or school, then just choose a different day. Anyway, find the time to write for a long period of time, set a word count goal for that one day, and prepare for it. I’ve been building up to this marathon I’m about to write, and I think it’s really going to help like it did last year. When that time comes that you’ve set aside, maybe it will work the same for you and you won’t feel all of that pressure that comes with NaNoWriMo. Maybe you might want to do it again.

I think that the pressure one of the best and worst things for my writing, to be honest. NaNoWriMo forces me to get my words onto paper, to get the story out even if it sucks, but at the same time it makes me really reluctant to write sometimes. Like I’m scared to get to certain parts of the novel where I don’t know exactly what happens yet and so I just… avoid writing. Which is really stupid and ultimately self destructive because I get behind, like I am now.

But I guess this is my process…? Procrastinate and then let either sudden inspiration or a deadline fuel my writing…? At least by the end of the month I know I’ll have met this deadline and will have a book to edit. That’s great, right?

I think I’m procrastinating just because I’ve been waiting to write this story for at least three years and I really don’t want to mess it up.

Here’s another thing, and listen up because this is very important: If you are like me and are afraid of messing up your idea and making it go to waste, just forget about that. Mess it up. It’s always going to be perfect and exciting when it’s an untouched notion in your mind, but when you add in all of the details and bring it to life, it’s an experience that you couldn’t even imagine. Odds are, you’ll be happy with this as a starting point, even if it strays from your original idea. Sometimes it gets even better than you planned.

… I really should be taking my own advice here.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

XO, Kelli.