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Beta Reading Program 2018

When The Bough Breaks is a psychological horror novel that draws the line between man and monster. This novel takes a look at nature’s role in human nature, and how we respond to fear.

You can sign up for the Beta Reading of this book below (starts in April 2019).

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What is a Beta Reading?

A beta reading is a collective reading of a new book to collect information, statistics, criticisms, and opinions from a group of readers. The process is completely hosted over the internet and reaches readers all over the world. Typically this process consists on the reader’s part of reading chunks of the book over the course of a month or two and answering questions and surveys. All readers will have their name in the acknowledgments when it is published because even the smallest feedback is monumental in the editing process.

2016 Successful Beta Reading

 In 2016, the beta reading for Holding My Breath (read more on Holding My Breath here) was hosted to a group of about 300 readers. As the reading went on, this number grew to be hundreds of thousands of readers. The amount of feedback was so impactful to the editing process and Holding My Breath is on it’s way to publication now. Thank you to all of the HMB Readers! 

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