Nightmares and Red Palms

Hey everyone!

I have a new story up on my Wattpad.  It’s called Nightmares and Red Palms.

I’m considering publishing it just so some of you all can get physical copies of it, but it is possible that I may just add it as a bonus in the back of my next publication. Who knows.

Nightmares and Red Palms is a historical fiction one-act play. It takes place in the invasion of Sicily, Italy in 1943. It’s complete, but the ending might change depending on what you all think. I added at the end of the story, exclusively for Wattpad readers, a little behind the scenes blog. It tells about some easter eggs and unknown histories about the characters and stuff. It also tells how I might change the ending… I don’t want to post it here because many of my WordPress followers haven’t read it yet. I’m not one to spoil stories, especially my own.

It’s been chosen to submit to a scholastic competition for my school, so I have until November 19th to make any changes. Please go read it before then and let me know if you think I should edit the ending or not!

Warning: People have cried over it. Prepare yourself.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you all! Thank you so much for reading and if you aren’t following me on Wattpad, it’s free and really easy. There, you get exclusive access to several stories and things you won’t get on here.

Actually, since I mentioned that, I have a new series coming up. I’m going to be posting regular short stories and maybe even poetry to my Wattpad. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll post them here on my blog, too. I’ll update you when it get’s closer to starting that!

Thank you for reading!!<3



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