Days 18, 21, and 22

Hey Readers,

My eyes are pretty much better so I’m psyched to write. It’s been like an itch that I can’t scratch…

Sorry about the combo of days here, by the way. With all of the Black Friday sales, I traded out my old computer for a new one that works! Get this: it loads Microsoft Word without a ten-minute pause. It’s crazy… It even has a headphone jack that works and turns on every time you press power.

See what I did there? This is something I’m noticing a lot in the book that I’m reading right now. The author tells me a lot of things without actually saying it, or showing it. Instead, they give an implied comparison to let me figure out the information.

For example, from above you can tell that my old computer didn’t have a working headphone jack, didn’t boot up every time I tried to turn it on, and had a ten-minute wait for Word to load. I never actually said any of this, but used these details in my description of how my new computer is/is not like. The details stand out as well. If I were typically describing a new computer, I might say it’s fast or sleek or has interesting new features. Instead, I said that it turned on… it makes the reader think a little and put together the story.

My challenge for you is to find a comparison in your story. Something that has changed or changes the life of the character in some way. Use this method to describe it and see how it enhances your story, setting the description apart from the flow of how you usually describe things. It will bring variety.

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

XO, Kelli.

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