Day 7

Hey Reader,

Sorry it’s late. Something occurred to me earlier today, though. I’ve really been wanting to read this book that my friend brought to school today and I took  sneak peek at the first few pages. Just by looking at the book it made me think a lot more about the style of writing I’m using for this book I’m writing and got me interested in it. I got to thinking about if the style I’m using is the best for the story (I change my style to match the story I’m writing, both for variety and to challenge myself) and I think it gave me some clarity on this new style.

At first, I still wasn’t sure. In fact, I wasn’t even sure about the story because it is only day 7 and until now I’ve been having trouble. However, I think this little detail was what was keeping me on edge. I kept thinking “It’s only day 7… not too late to try another idea…” but just looking at the writing style was enough to convince me. So for you out there thinking the same thing, try this:

Read. I’m not saying that you should set aside writing time for reading, but do grab books similar to what you’re writing and glance through them. See whether you would best tell the story through witty humor, light hearted writing, straight forward, extremely descriptive, focused on actions, focused on dialogue, flowing, choppy, etc, etc. What do the books you like, the ones that fit on the shelf right next to yours, use? Does it give you inspiration for your own story. My challenge for you is to give this a go. Maybe keep these books on hand for other things to reference, like hooks and ways to keep the reader interested, or the characterization through the story, everything.

Seriously, it helped me so much and I’m pretty sure the rest of this month won’t be as stressful and kind-of-dreadful as it has been so far. Because, let’s face it, deadlines and writer’s block don’t mix. So get out of that hole you’re digging yourself into and get to work!

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

Good luck:)

XO, Kelli

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