Day 4

Word Count: Still somewhere in the 2,000’s

Hey Reader,

So I just did a ton of stuff I was going to have to do tomorrow, and now I won’t have to do it. In other words, tomorrow is pretty much going to be a full day of writing! I’m about so start my marathon… I usually work better at night so I may just stay up for ten more hours and sleep through the rest of Saturday or something…

I find that when I have a designated time to write each day, I get more done in that little amount of time. Usually, I write from at least 8pm to 10pm each day, and that’s helped manage time more. But when I have a whole day to work on it, I can think better and don’t feel as pressured to spit out a ridiculous word count. I already know that I’m still super behind…

The one week I didn’t have much time to write was when NaNoWriMo started and I didn’t plan enough…

Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’ll push through. I seriously love this idea now that I’ve changed the perspectives a little bit and a few of the plot points, so as soon as I get into it tomorrow, I’ll be getting ahead.

So here’s one thing I’m going to try tomorrow. I’m going to shoot for ten thousand. I got this idea from a youtuber who did “10k Tuesdays” during NaNoWriMo (I can’t remember her name… it was like katastic or something like that… sorry). Anyway, I liked the idea as a way to really push myself into the story when I am still hesitant about some parts or am blocked. I know tomorrow is a Saturday, but it’s the same concept.

So I’m gonna get to work… I’ve got a lot of that to do. I’ve also thought about maybe posting some excerpts of stuff I really like on here as a way to keep me going and get advice. It also gives you all a sneak peak into what is the work-in-progress of my next novel!

Finally, my challenge for you is to pick a day or two this month that you will have off and reserve that time for writing. The whole day. If you have other responsibilities on those days, then get them done beforehand. If it’s non-negotiable, like work or school, then just choose a different day. Anyway, find the time to write for a long period of time, set a word count goal for that one day, and prepare for it. I’ve been building up to this marathon I’m about to write, and I think it’s really going to help like it did last year. When that time comes that you’ve set aside, maybe it will work the same for you and you won’t feel all of that pressure that comes with NaNoWriMo. Maybe you might want to do it again.

I think that the pressure one of the best and worst things for my writing, to be honest. NaNoWriMo forces me to get my words onto paper, to get the story out even if it sucks, but at the same time it makes me really reluctant to write sometimes. Like I’m scared to get to certain parts of the novel where I don’t know exactly what happens yet and so I just… avoid writing. Which is really stupid and ultimately self destructive because I get behind, like I am now.

But I guess this is my process…? Procrastinate and then let either sudden inspiration or a deadline fuel my writing…? At least by the end of the month I know I’ll have met this deadline and will have a book to edit. That’s great, right?

I think I’m procrastinating just because I’ve been waiting to write this story for at least three years and I really don’t want to mess it up.

Here’s another thing, and listen up because this is very important: If you are like me and are afraid of messing up your idea and making it go to waste, just forget about that. Mess it up. It’s always going to be perfect and exciting when it’s an untouched notion in your mind, but when you add in all of the details and bring it to life, it’s an experience that you couldn’t even imagine. Odds are, you’ll be happy with this as a starting point, even if it strays from your original idea. Sometimes it gets even better than you planned.

… I really should be taking my own advice here.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

XO, Kelli.

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