Plan for blog

Hey Reader,

I know I’ve been having a lot of these boring info/announcement blogs lately. Sorry! Last one for a while!

Just because I’ve been a few questions about this, here’s my plan for my blog in the near future:

  • During the month of November (NANOWRIMO!!!), I’ll be blogging every week day, just like I did last year.
  • After that, I plan to do weekly/twice a week blogs. Last year I tried to keep going with the daily blogs, but it got burnt out pretty quick. I didn’t have enough material for that many blogs! It resulted in a lot of gaps between blogs and just didn’t work. This way, with more time in between blogs, I’ll be able to plan and make more useful/inspiring material for all of you!

As for content, I’ll still be primarily writing about writing, publishing, and books. Last year I had a bunch of new ideas I was going to be implementing into this blog, and I’m thinking I might be getting into that in the new year, maybe some things a little sooner. So be ready for my next blog on November 1st!

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

XO, Kelli.

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