New Book

Hey Reader,

About two weeks ago I said that I would announce my next book today. I also said I’d let you know about whether Holding My Breath will have a sequel.

So here it is:

I’m not writing a sequel for Holding My Breath. Originally, Under the Surface was going to be the title of HMB book 2, and it was going to be awesome. I know, I know. You all really wanted to read it. And I really wanted to write it. But let’s think about if for a second. If I were writing the sequel, I had things planned out. I would be able to make it live up to book one. I knew how I would continue it. I knew how it would end and lead into book 3.

But Holding My Breath was always meant to be a stand-alone, and I’m going to leave it be. I feel like if I write another book (And if I did I would have to make it into a trilogy because of how #2 was going to end), then I would just be trying to squeeze more product out of a good idea.

So there won’t be a sequel. At least not right now. I’m not saying that it’s over, that I’ll never write the sequel. I’m just saying that it won’t be this year.

Okay. On to better news: I’m writing another stand-alone for NaNoWriMo 2016. It’s called Flying Under the Radar. Many of you have already heard this title because I was going to write it for NaNoWriMo back in 2014, but didn’t end up doing it for various reasons. But recently, I had a breakthrough in the story and now I’m kind of obsessed.

It’s going to be spectacular. At least, I think it will  be, but I know it willfur-cover-take-2 definitely be as great to write as HMB was (Maybe even better).

And this time, instead of aiming my writing towards commercial fiction, I’m going to be aiming towards literary fiction. I’m still deciding that, though, since the story could go either way.

I’ll let you all know a little more about it during my daily blogs in November, but I just
wanted you all to get some updates on what’s going on. Anyway, to the right is the cover from 2014 that was created for Flying Under the Radar the first time around, but the story is shifting a little bit and so will the cover. It might change a little, or it might change completely, but here’s the old one anyway.

More to come soon:)

Thanks for reading and don’t stop writing!

Xo, Kelli.

2 Comments on “New Book

  1. I definitely think you should change the cover… I much preferred the cover for “60 Days of Salt and Sand.”

    Looking forward to your NaNoWriMo posts! 🙂


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