6 Plots

Hey Readers,

I thought this article was interesting enough to share it with you:

There are just SIX plots

It tells a little more about some of the well known arcs in writing and storytelling, so maybe it’ll be useful in your writing.

-Kelli 🙂

New book? (announcements)

Hey Readers,60 Days Cover.png

Since it’s going to be a while before Holding My Breath comes out (publishing process; no release date yet) I’d like to go ahead and mention that there is another story coming out before it. In fact, this new novella will be coming pretty soon.

More will be released about 60 Days of Salt and Sand on my website and twitter, like the genre and summary, but until then, here’s the cover:

(The cover may change slightly, but this is pretty much the final one)


For the future: 

Sequel to Holding My Breath? Most likely at the moment (NaNoWriMo 2016…). And if there is a second, there will almost definitely be a third… definitely.

Novellas this summer? 6o Days of Salt and Sand’s release date will also come soon. Along with 60Days, I will probably be writing another novella (one I’m super excited about, so look forward to it).

Sorry for the lack of posting lately… I thought I was back since school ended, but with all of the books, blog changes, and traveling, there’s even less time. However, I’ll still try to get at least one post out a week, maybe more. I don’t want to quit this blog (I love this blog, of course) but some of the changes I want to make to it have been slow, so bear with me.