The Little Things

Hey Reader,

Last week, I gave you some inspirational-sort of videos to get us all into the mindset of writing for the summer season. Today, I’m going to give you a few different methods that I have to get into the writing-mood.

Personally, autumn and winter are my writing seasons. Spring is editing, and summer is always just dabbling with different ideas. I write in each of them, but in different ways. I never really planned this out, but it happened out of habit. In psychology, we learned about mood-congruent memory and how it leads to congruent behavior. When things around you in your environment remind you unconsciously of a certain time, you are more likely to act like you did at that point in time.

This sort of goes along with my seasonal thing. When I drink hot chocolate, it makes me want to write more. When I smell christmas trees and cinnamon, it makes me want to write more. I’ve since taken advantage of this.

Now, when I’m having a good writing day, I’ll do something to remind me of it later. For me, it’s drink hot chocolate (Which I also do anytime in winter, which is why that’s become my writing season). I do this so much, so much, that when I’m having a bad writing day, or bad writing block, or just not getting into the story like I should, I have a get-out-of-jail-free card. I just drink some hot chocolate, and it gets all the gears turning again.

The same goes for a lot of things. Like the air freshener in my room. During those seasons of writing long term, everything smells like cinnamon. During the months where I’m editing, everything smells like pear.

The point is, the little things that you don’t notice are the things that can help a lot to get into the writing mood. My challenge for you is to find something to use as a tool to help you get into the writing mood. Are you already in the mood to write? Great. Find one thing (the snack you’re craving, the air freshener, the music you’re listening to, the scent of the soap you’re using, the way the room is arranged) and make a note to bring that back later when you are stuck. Having trouble writing? Think back to a time when you were writing really well. Think about the little things that might help bring you back to that.

As always, good luck:)

Thank you for reading, and don’t stop writing!

Kelli Crockett


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