Hey Reader,

I’ve been gone for like… a month? Dear lord. Just writing a blog post right now feels weird.

I do have a good excuse. You know, end of the school year and exams and that crazy beta reading… but you all deserve more than excuses. (I think I heard someone say once that excuses are like butt holes– everyone has one. Don’t know why that just popped in my head)

I’M SORRY. I miss the blogging and everything, too. AND I’M BACK.

I have four more days of finals before summer break, so they usual five-day a week blogs will now continue! Starting on Monday, we’re back in business;) And that’ll definitely last the rest of the summer. I might slow down temporarily in the fall again, but I won’t stop like I did in the last month.


Also, another thing that I’d like to bring up:

I know this blog is dedicated to helping other writers with their struggles and encouraging others to share their writing with the world. That in mind, I’m going to try doing a lot of different things with the blog related to that. One main reason that I stopped blogging last month was because I wasn’t writing (beta reading + editing HMB). It’s really difficult to give writing advice when I’m not even writing. With new things coming to the blog, it won’t be so repetitive and will be way more exciting.

OKAY. I have a few ideas, and I’m open to everyone else’s too! I thought about having a submissions thing and helping other writers get their work out here by reposting them on here or even just posting them here… Also, I’d like to share some of my stuff. When I say I haven’t been writing, I mean novel/fiction. For some reason, I’ve been writing poem after poem… and I’ve never written a poem in my life. Not before now, at least. Anyway, I thought I might share a few on here. I also have a few true stories that might spark some ideas for others… I know they have for me. You’d be surprised how much of my books are true.

I might be sharing some more inspiring stuff on here that really help me in my writing. I also considered making a YouTube channel… still just an idea, though. If I did, I could share videos on here, not just writing. Videos about writing, of course. Duh.

Maybe have a contest? There are a few ideas bouncing around in my head for that… I also want to definitely start doing some author interviews, kind of like what Jim Vines did for me.

There’s a lot more… In fact, my bathroom mirror is so filled with marker that I can’t see the reflection anymore. I tend to get ideas while brushing my teeth…

Anyway, I’m super excited for this. And I can’t believe it’s already summer! I was not ready for this… without so much homework, I don’t know what to do with myself. Well, I’ve always got that huge book to finish editing, and a blog with amazing readers to write to…

Thank you for reading, and don’t stop writing!

Kelli Crockett :3

4 Comments on “I’M BACK:)

  1. Thank goodness! 😉

    The YouTube channel sounds like a good idea. People watch videos more than they read (sadly). It’ll reach modern audiences.

    Yes! We need to share more of your writing. We hear so much about your writing, but only really have access to your novella. That’s a good idea, too.

    It’s awesome that you’re back 🙂

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