Almost There…

Hey everyone!

Just so you know:

There are five days left on the Beta Reading. This means that next week, I’ll be going back to the regular weekday posting of chapters. Everything is going to go back to usual. Thank you so much for being patient with me over the last month or so. You all are great!

Again, it isn’t too late to join the beta reading. Most of the book is posted now, so you can binge read if you want… Click here if you are interested! It’s been going great so far. In fact, Holding My Breath is currently #15 in Mystery/Thriller on Wattpad.



2 Comments on “Almost There…

  1. # 15 is amazing! I’ve enjoyed reading “Holding My Breath”. It’s been nice to be able to wake up each morning to another chunk of your book (because, you know, the time differences). I can read it without being late for school, because no opportunity presents itself for a binge.

    My life will have no purpose once this beta reading has finished… I’m actually thinking about buying your book once it’s been published. Hard copy all the way 😉


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