Quick Update

Hey Reader!

I’m working for hours each day with this Beta Reading, so I’m sorry if I miss some posts. However, if you are interested in reading a book that I am posting a lot of everyday, you can click here. I’ll try my best to keep up with these posts, though! I’ve been posting five days a week for…five months? Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop now. And I have some new stuff coming, too!

XO, Kelli.

4 Comments on “Quick Update

  1. I tried reading yesterday’s WattPad update, but it wasn’t working… hopefully I can catch up today! I’m enjoying your book.

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    • Thanks! That’s odd that it didn’t come up. It works for the other beta readers… If it doesn’t show up in the next day or two for you then tell me so I can figure out how to get the chapters to you.

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      • It works okay, now. It’s just when I tried to clock on the book cover to read more, and clicked “Continue reading”, it wouldn’t continue on so I could keep reading your book.


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