Month: April 2016

Characterizing Tips

Hey Reader, I have a couple of tips for you today… I’ve seen that these are things that a lot of writers don’t even think about for when they are characterizing their characters. So I thought I’d share it with you:)


Kelli Crockett

Hey Reader!

I’m working for hours each day with this Beta Reading, so I’m sorry if I miss some posts. However, if you are interested in reading a book that I am posting a lot of everyday, you can click here. I’ll try my best to keep up with these posts, though! I’ve been posting five days a week for…five months? Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop now. And I have some new stuff coming, too!

XO, Kelli.

Editing Partner

Hey Reader, I’m a writer. You’re probably a writer. That’s what we do… If there is anything in the world that we know how to do, it’s write. That’s awesome, since we can do great things with our words. We can do anything, really. But there is a sort of downside to being a writer. (You know, other than the…

Quick Editing Tips

Hey Reader, This is going to be really short. I have an AP test tomorrow and I’ve been studying (Oh, the inconvenience of education). I have two quick tips for you that I’ve come to appreciate in the process of editing. While editing HMB, I’ve atually realized how important these are, and how much it can open your eyes to…

Practice Makes… well, better.

Hey Reader, I hated writing dialogue. Not because I hate dialogue in books, just because I suck at writing it. I usually have to go through a few rounds of editing before my dialogue even looks remotely realistic. In first drafts, I tend to focus too much on the character’s facial expressions and body movements. It’s hard for me to…

Flash Fiction

Hey Reader, I wrote another chapter this week about how to come up with good ideas. That post was more along the lines of how to gather and collect and combine these ideas to develop them into great stories. Tonight’s post is going to be kind of similar, but better. There’s a great way for you to come up with…

Easy Writing Tips

Hey Reader, So there are few good writing tips that I’ve found along the way in my journey of writing and editing… and these are things I’ve found out the hard way, too. Most of them are tiny, but make a huge impact on the quality of your writing. But since they are tiny, I can’t write a full post…