I’ve been getting a lot of requests for me to publish my first book or at least let people read it. Seriously, someone tried to steal my copy of the book so they could read it…

It isn’t like Holding My Breath, which is actually pretty good (or at least I think that right now. I’ll probably call it a piece of crap soon. Artist mood swings hate me). This was my first book, which I wrote in middle school. But even though it isn’t as good as HMB, I figured it shouldn’t sit a shelf unread…

So I’m letting people read it for free…


The novel is called Deception and it is the first book of an unfinished trilogy (Code Breaker Trilogy). It’s young adult science fiction… Here’s the full description:

Elizabeth pretended that she didn’t remember.

She pretended that she had been taken like everyone else. That her mind had wiped like the others. She pretended she couldn’t do what she could do. But now the truth is coming out and the Insightful are back.

They say that the legendary 5 Insightful can see through time, that they know things they shouldn’t. That they will rise again. If that’s true, then the war isn’t over, the war that tore everything apart. The war that turned the world against itself.

Gripped by the mindful eye of the Authorities and held back by the stone walls of the Curb, Elizabeth struggles to find a way out of the darkness. To stay alive in a world that wants her dead. Through a journey of secrets, love and deception, she must face the past to save those like her.

But the real question is, can she save herself?

Or will she be the one to pull the trigger?

I think it’s kind of funny that my first book was sci-fi, the next crime, and the latest one… well I can’t even categorize it yet. Romance… crime… suspense… contemporary… Is there a genre tat incorporates all of that?

I posted it onto Wattpad and am updating it one chapter a day until the full novel is out there. It’s 124,000 words, so that might take a little bit. I would estimate that the whole thing will be up by May 16, 2016. It’s actually doing pretty well so far… ranked in the hot list for science fiction.

So if you’d like to read it on Wattpad, click here.

Anyway, I thought I would write a post about it. Even though my first book doesn’t even compare to Holding My Breath, even though they aren’t even in the same genre, I’m putting something I really loved writing out there for others to read. I’m testing the waters before I dive in with my next book.

Just don’t judge Holding My Breath before you read it based on the quality of writing in Deception… Please?

My challenge for you is to put something of yours out there for people to read. Even if it is only your first chapter or an excerpt of the book… even if it is only to your friends and family. Take the risk. If they like it, then it will encourage you to keep writing.

And if they don’t? Well, then you’ve got some more work to do. Remember, feedback is a good thing, even if it makes you want to strangle people. Ask them what was wrong with it. If they say something like, “Well there weren’t any dragons in it. Isn’t this supposed to be fantasy?” or “Why would you want to write fiction, anyway?” then your probably asking the wrong people.

And maybe take a look at Deception? I’m not really looking for feedback because I don’t know if I’ll even ever pick it back up to edit and publish again, but you might find it interesting.

As always, good luck:)

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And welcome! I know I recently got a horde of new readers, so here’s a little highlight that you may have missed: I’m hosting a beta reading for my next book, and if you participate you will get to read it for free before it’s out and get your name in the acknowledgements (among other things)! For more information about the beta reading, how to sign up, and what it is, click here.

Thank you for reading, and don’t stop writing!

Kelli Crockett.

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  1. I’m currently posting instalments of my first script on my blog… I’m feeling sceptical about continuing to publish it because I know it’s not my best work 😦

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