Month: February 2016

More Quotes

Hey Reader, It’s a Monday. Mondays don’t really seem to be anyone’s thing, so I thought maybe we could all use some good old inspiration to get through the week. Thus, I’ve decided to make the second post of writing quotes.

Care About What You Do.

Hey Reader, So I had a little eye-opening realization earlier today. I was flipping through my first draft of my current novel, and it occurred to me how… bad it was. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but compared to where it is now, that was a pretty bad first draft. You know that message I keep sending out to you? The don’t…

How to Write When You Can’t

Hey Reader, We’ve all known what it’s like to be busy. To have something right around every other corner to do and obstacles to jump over. It seems like it is impossible to get everything done when it comes to work or school or… let’s face it. Writing.

Tone: Syntax

Hey Reader, Syntax. It’s a really weird sounding word but is actually really simple to understand. Syntax is the way the author arranges their words in their sentences in order to express something. This isn’t to be confused with diction, which is the actual choice of words.

Tone: Imagery

Hey Reader, For today’s post, I’m going to talk about the third component of tone and how you can use it in your story. Imagery is one of the most effective components, so take notes. Seriously, this has to be my favorite one, not to be confused with details.

Tone: Diction

Hey Reader, In my last post, I talked about the use of detail with tone. This time, I’m going to show you how diction helps to set the right tone in a scene. Diction is the choice of words that the author uses in their writing. It can be whether you use the word jumped or leaped or dove for…

Tone: Details

Hey Reader, The next four posts are going to be about tone. Tone is the feeling that the author has towards what he or she is writing about, and this is transferred onto the reader. Think about something that you’ve written in the last little while. Whether this be a paper for class or the story you are working on,…

Getting Ahead

Hey Reader, Do you ever have those days that you just feel like setting aside your story for something else? Those days when you figure you can just catch up on what you are missing the next day. Those days when you just feel like reading a different book for a change…

Search and Find

Hey Reader, People aren’t perfect. We don’t make perfect things. We can’t write perfect books. But that’s what many writers strive for their novels to be. Perfect. The thing is, if you keep trying to make it perfect, you’re never going to finish.

Writing Slumps

Hey Reader, I just got over a writing slump. I’m glad. I thought that was going to last forever. Writing slumps are different from writer’s block. When you have writer’s block, you usually want to write, but can’t find the words. Or you can’t decide what step to take next with your characters. When you are in a writing slump,…