Day 27

Word Count: 100,093

Hey Reader,

I’m not done yet. I’m nowhere near done. But I got to my word count goal! I did it! I wrote one hundred thousand words in thirty days. So this is going to be a pretty short post, I guess. (Disclaimer: It isn’t. I got into it.)

So here’s something that helped me: I was having trouble getting into the story itself. For example, I had to write a really emotional chapter and it was really hard at first. It was taking place at night and I was writing it in the middle of the day, first of all. And I was writing in a completely sound state of mind, where my character is having a mental break down. Also, I was writing in a pretty spacious room, where my character was feeling trapped by everything around her.

I also didn’t really know where the scene was going to lead…

So here’s a tip on how to get into a difficult scene. First, go to a place similar to where your character is, or where you can imagine where your character is easily. My character was in the woods. She could see what was around her immediately, but in the background everything was a mystery. The man who was hunting for her could have been out there. I went into my attic for this, because it was dark and there were some really creepy things up there. I could see everything immediately around me but the rest looked like shadows.

Then you need to get into the state of mind of your character, and try to think like how they think. If you are writing from the murderer’s point of view, just know your boundaries… (Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for anything you do when thinking like a murderer. That’s your own choice.) Anyway, if your character is having a mental break down, try to imagine what that is like.

Then close your eyes, maybe turn on some music. Block other things out. If you can type without looking at the keys, great! Do that and keep your eyes shut. There is no need for you to see your spelling errors as you make them. That’s like inviting your inner editor over for Thanksgiving. Oh, by the way. Happy Thanksgiving!

Another thing that might help is writing in the format that you might read. Most people don’t read from their computer. Usually it’s books or from tablets or phones. I’ve been reading on my phone lately because books are cheaper that way, so I sat there, in the attic, typing on the Word app on my phone.

Maybe pick a mood for the chapter you are writing. I do this for every chapter so things can flow more easily. For example, this chapter I wrote had a whole aura of panic around it. It actually made me paranoid for a god ten minutes after I was done writing it.

It worked for me. You just have to push through it enough until you get on a roll, and just don’t let yourself stop. It actually worked a little too well… My book takes place during the summer and it’s cold outside now. We were talking about hot chocolate at the dinner table and I was saying how I drink it year round, not just when it’s cold out.

I was about to say that I had a cup this morning and it’s ninety degrees, and then I realized…

My challenge for you is to try out some of these tricks on your novel when you are writing! Whether it’s sitting outside in the cold to imagine what your character feels like when they are freezing to death or closing your eyes to get more into the scene.

And there’s another NaNoWriMo write in on youtube tomorrow!

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Also, for one day of NaNoWriMo I will do a Q&A about me, my work, or NaNoWriMo, so if you have questions then comment below or on the Q&A page. Also, I will soon have a page up on this website with details about the beta reading for my nanowrimo novel, which will probably be in March. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it yet!

Thanks everyone for reading!

Kelli Crockett.

3 Comments on “Day 27

  1. You mentioned before that you had 3 different endings for your book. Have you decided on the ending yet and if so, how did you decide?


    • Thanks! I actually wrote most of the first draft of my first book on my phone while I was out of the house and I guess I sort of carried that habit over to this book…


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