Day 20

Word count: 74,000ish

Hey Reader,

The winnings start today! I’m super excited and I finally got home. This a3a204fc-948c-41b1-98a0-5dc165534b39_zpsvggl1jwymay be short… I’m kind of behind and need to write. Also, in case you were wondering, I’m not going to validate my novel until I get to 100k. I hope. If it comes down to the last couple minutes of nano…

Anyway, how are you so doing? I’m great. Today is Friday, so that means I get to write all night and all of tomorrow without having to be interrupted by school.

Here’s something funny:

I was in a class and we were all working on computers. We were supposed to be on this website thing, but of course I was just sitting there, writing a really creepy scene from the point of view of the murderer.

I was the only one typing, of course, because everyone else was taking notes. Oops.

So the teacher walks by my desk, looks at what I’m doing, and then looks at me. This is usually where you get in a bunch of trouble for abusing the use of technology in class. So, of course, I keep typing and look at him.

And he looks at me.

And I look at him.

And he looks at me.

And I look at him.

And then he just keeps walking. He was either too creeped out about the murder I was committing in my mind and on my keyboard or he was just fine with me not actually doing anything. And I went back to writing my book. I mean, I’d already finished the work he’d assigned, so why not!?

Also, it was the same teacher who I saw had bought my novella. That might have had something to do with it… Probably not. Be he probably knew I was writing a book and not planning murder.

I hope.

So I guess now I’ve earned the NaNoWriMo badge for writing when you weren’t supposed to. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take notes and that you should write during class but… Well I guess that is what I’m saying.

Never mind.

My challenge for you is to try and get some of the NaNoWriMo badges or do something for your book (other than writing it). Make a cover. Write a poem. Write a peptalk. Draw a picture of one of your characters. Write out an outline if you haven’t already. Brainstorm ideas. Anything like that. Yes, keep writing, but get your creative juices flowing somehow as well.

For me, I just went through and changed my  title and body fonts to match the book and indented everything that I couldn’t indent while writing on my phone.

I might post something this weekend… But more likely Twitter. I’m gonna try to hit at least (and hopefully more than) 80k!

We only have ten days left. Omg. How?

Good luck everyone and thank you for reading. Have fun writing!

There is a NaNoWriMo virtual write in on YouTube tomorrow too, at 10am pacific time I believe… Check it out! They are really helpful and great for writers block.


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