Day 16

Word Count: 70, 274

Hey Reader,

I hit 70k! This is going to be a sort of short post because it’s a Monday and I’m kind of behind. Anyway, yesterday, I tried something out to see if it would help me get into the story. And let me tell you, it worked.

So I first started writing Holding My Breath about a year ago, but decided to rewrite it for NaNoWriMo. Anyway, the original novel, the original 42,000 words, were written,,, on my phone.

I know, I know. But I was writing it straight to Wattpad and all of that. Also, at the time I had been reading a lot on my phone, since it is cheaper, even if it isn’t as great. But I always thought I couldn’t get into an ebook like I could a print book, but actually found that they are pretty great. I mean, you can read them in the dark and you don’t have to hold the pages open.

Don’t get me wrong, print always ranks, but the point is, I was into ebooks at the time I started writing HMB, about a year ago. So I was getting really into the story on my phone. I was trying to figure out why I’ve been having so much trouble getting into the story, so I tried out the Microsoft Word app on my phone yesterday.

I was also writing a seriously intense part of the book. And I got so into it that I actually looked up at the clock and realized that I had been typing for almost two hours without stopping, and I thought, “Oops.” And then, can you guess? I went back to typing.

I was also writing with music playing in headphones. I actually told myself that I needed to stop so I could go to bed, but then another good song would come on and I would think, “Oh, but this song matches the scene perfectly! Just a few more minutes…”

So I’ve found my trick to getting into my first draft– of course later drafts will be edited and formatted and all of that on the computer, but draft one is different. I’ve got to get those creative juices flowing.

Anyway, I challenge all of you to try writing in a different from than what you are using now. Whether you are moving to paper, keyboard, or touchscreen, try to be optimistic. It’s possible that it will help you.

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Thanks everyone for reading!


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