Day 12

Word Count: I don’t even know anymore.

Hey Reader,

Today was one of those bleh days. My alarm clock didn’t go off this morning, so I didn’t have time to write a post before I left the house. I wrote some on Wednesday, but mainly I just reread my book so far with a cup of hot chocolate in order to get some perspective. Again, that murky middle thing is slowing me down. I need to make something big happen because I realize I need to shorten the leashes on my characters, in a matter of speaking.

Man, that doesn’t seem like it was yesterday. Is it Monday again?

See, right at the moment there is no immediate danger and everything is all dandy. That isn’t good, because I want my characters to suffer. Like the mean author I am. Let’s be honest, what writer hasn’t gained from their characters’ misery?

Wow, us writers are seriously messed up. We are like serial killers who only target the Imaginary.

Anyway, I have a HUGE exam tomorrow and I only have two hours left to study (I keep myself of a strict schedule, like the nerdy person I am). It’s supposed to be the hardest test they give all year, so… Yeah. I’ll write to you tomorrow morning, if my alarm clock decides to wake me up, but don’t expect a huge change in word count.

On Monday, however, I hope to have gotten to 60,000. So stay tuned for that! Let’s see, Monday will be day 16… I’m gonna need to pick up the pace if I want to get to 100k.

Tomorrow’s Friday. Aka: eight hour long word sprints and not sleeping a wink. I can do this guys. I can do this.

I said I would post every week day of NaNoWriMo, waking up on time or not, so here it is. Day 12. Now I’ve got to study (Education has to come first, unfortunately).

Wish me luck!

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Thanks everyone for reading!


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