Day 11

Word Count: 50,272

Hey Reader,

I know, I know. My word count hasn’t changed. And I’m not posting this at the usual 6:00 am. I have good reasons though!

Today is Veteran’s Day, which means (1) I need to thank all of you veterans out there and (2) I get today off of school. That explains why I didn’t bother getting up early to write and post this. Yesterday, I came home and got all of my homework/studying done so that I could write all day today! (hence, the unchanged word count)

Well, almost all day. I didn’t quite finish everything.

Anyway, I have something that might help you out with your writing too! I am now reaching the murky middle of my story, where I know what I’m heading towards, and where I came from, but I need some inspiration on how to fill up the middle and make it important to the story. If you are having this same problem, try this:

Go to the internet. Good, you’re already there. Now google story prompts. Nice. Now find a bunch of them, and change them to work with your story. Warning: the things you write next might or might not actually end up on your story but they will be worth it anyway. And it’s a great writing warm up!

I’ll give you an example on how to do this. I copied and pasted a bunch of prompts into a word document and then changed them to match my story a little better. Here’s a random one.

“Send your characters to a circus!”

Okay, the odds of my characters going to a circus of all places are slim, so here’s how I changed it. A circus is a crowded place that usually is in the dark and is a huge event. This is similar to a festival or a town fair. In my novel, my character is looking for somebody. What if she found out that this person is going to be at this dark, crowded place? I can already imagine how she is going to be searching through the mobs of people, how she can get into trouble, and how this can all backfire in her face.

Then I write that scene. By the time you are done, you should have five or so of these scenes that could actually make sense in your story. Choose one and figure out what led up to it, what happens after it. Who is there? What are the other characters doing while this scene is happening with only one or two of them?

See what I mean? This is just one way to find different ways to fill up that murky middle and make it exciting, as well as make an impact in the plot so it isn’t in there for nothing. You can use prompts that you find on the internet, but always change them. Let them inspire you instead of using them exactly. Otherwise, then it isn’t really your idea.

I hoped this helped, and I challenge you to try out changing up at least one prompt that you find, and using it to enhance the plot of your novel! Even if it is just an insignificant scene that helps to characterize or explain the setting, without really touching the plot itself. If you like this, you can go to youtube and watch all of the NaNoWriMo Write-ins! They give great prompts.

One of my favorites, which I’m actually going to use in my first draft is, “When your character looks in the mirror, what do they see?”

Also, there is another live write in today here in about seven hours!

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Also, for one day of NaNoWriMo I will do a Q&A about me, my work, or NaNoWriMo, so if you have questions then comment below or on the Q&A page.

Thanks everyone for reading!


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