Day 6

Word Count: 17,756

Hey Reader,

It’s Friday! Yes! To me that means I can write all night without having to worry about getting up early tomorrow. Today I have another writing tip for all of you!

Music. Music can help to inspire our novels, write better scenes, and understand our work better. Okay, so a lot of authors write to music, but I’ve found something that helps me when writing to music.

First of all, whatever you are writing has its own mood or tone, so to make your writing awesome, try to match the moods of the music and the writing. It might sound weird, so let me explain.

Say you are writing a romantic moment in a novel, and at the same time you are listening to punk-rock-scream music. Do you really think you are going to get into the scene enough to make it good?

Music is the soundtrack to our writing. If you watch a tv show or a movie and actually pay attention to the music, you will notice how it’s chosen carefully to match the scene. The same goes for your book. Just like getting sucked into a movie because of the music, get sucked into your book because of it.

Why does this work? It helps to disconnect us from reality, where we have our own problems. We need to put all of that away so we can focus on the problems in our stories. Sometimes when I get really into a word sprint with music, I get so into it that I forget for a moment where I am.

It’s like falling into a dream, really. I can lose myself in a story and be so focused on it that I forget that I’m not actually in it for a moment. I’m pretty sure that these are the moments that writers live for in their work. Or at least for me, it’s what makes me love writing. I love stepping into someone else’s life and experiencing all of the things they experience without ever actually having to leave my house.

I would say that I’m not crazy or anything, but you know, I am. I’m a writer, duh.

Also, music doesn’t just have to work for actually writing the scenes of your book. Whenever I listen to music, I am constantly on the lookout for songs that match my work. For example, “And the world turned” by the Gabe Dixon band matches my plot pretty well, which was scary. It matches unintentionally, though. I think I interpreted it according to my book rather than how the artist wanted it, but whatever. It still works.

I printed out the lyrics and dissected them to see if I could find some hidden meanings or themes that I might not realize are in my work.

One problem that many writers run into is syncing the music with their work. You might start writing the lyrics that they are hearing or get too focused on what the music is telling them.

My advice is to ignore it and dive into your story, but if it really is a problem, try going imagesonto the “Classical New Age Piano” station on Pandora. Pandora is a great way to organize all of the music stations according to your writing moods and tones. This station is today’s hits, but without the words.

Maybe you can try out some of the tricks with your writing, and I hope they help! I challenge all of you to try writing with music today, even if it is only for a scene or two. Now I want to hear from you. Comment below your favorite music to write to!

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Thanks everyone for reading!


One Comment on “Day 6

  1. Great advice Kelli. Music can be a very powerful emotional tool. Keep writing and blogging. I look forward to your next entry.

    Liked by 1 person

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