Day 4

Word Count: 10723

Hey Reader,

Sorry about the sucky post yesterday… Anyway, I’d like to talk about something that has helped me out with NaNoWriMo and maybe it will help you out too!

Okay, so in the email that NaNoWriMo sends out, it mentioned something about word sprints. I don’t know what their version of word sprints are, but here is mine:

First you set a timer for fifteen, twenty, maybe thirty minutes. Make sure you know your word count before you start. Then you begin to write. The goal is to get as much written in that time, which pretty much means that you aren’t allowed to stop writing until the timer goes off.

10cc955f-ed04-4635-9d80-9d7cc6422a38_zps4tmas6wy (1)Then you can see how many words you have, and try to beat your last word sprint, and so forth. Something to remember: It isn’t a race. Your work isn’t going to be good unless you are putting your heart in it, so don’t focus completely on the wo
rd sprint, and more on what you are saying with your words.

Personally,I have started every one of my word sprints with the intention of counting the words I’ve written at the end. I mean, it gets me to actually write each time, so that’s good. The thing is, once the timer is off, I just make it be quiet and keep writing, because I’m on a roll.

The whole point of the word sprints is to get you to actually write, not to boost your word count. That’s just a bonus.

And don’t cheat. Don’t try to make every contraction into two words or add a bunch of pointless information. Again, it’s about what you are saying with your words that how many words you have.

So my advice to you is to find a way to get yourself to actually start typing, or writing if you prefer pen and paper. It could be word sprints, maybe rewarding yourself after a good chapter, or even just having to stick to a deadline. NaNoWriMo is all about disciplining us writers so that we can get all of these crazy stories out of our heads and onto paper! Find a way to make sure that happens.

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Also, for one day of NaNoWriMo I will do a Q&A about me, my work, or NaNoWriMo, so if you have questions then comment below or on the Q&A page.

Thanks everyone for reading!


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