Day 3

Word Count: 9308

Hey Reader,

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate my word count. I know it’s amazing. I actually had a huge writing marathon yesterday. Not just that, either. Writing sprints are a great way to boost your word count!

According to the website, I will be done with my 50,000 words by November 11th if I keep going at this rate. Yeah, that is not going to happen. At around 25,000 I am almost sure I will get some kind of writer’s block.

So I figured it out. My original draft was pretty good, but there are some major changes that are going to be really hard to do, and they need to happen. So for NaNoWriMo, I am rewriting, but I am also using the plot and some of the pieces from the original.

And before you start calling me a cheater, this is not cheating! I’m not co73FF1CAC-83E3-4F40-B6AF-DBB309736A57_zpsoi7hhaicunting the parts I’ve already written in my word count. Not that I’m actually using enough to make a difference, but whatever. Existential crisis averted.

Also, I have a temporary cover, and a title! The name of my novel is…. drum roll please…

Holding My Breath! The cover is on the side.What I realized is that I haven’t given you all my NaNoWriMo information so you can become my writing buddy! Or have I? Either way, if you want to be my writing buddy, click here.

Comment your word counts down below if you are participating! I’d love to know where everyone is.

Like this post if you like the cover!

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