Day 30

Word Count: 104,688.

Hey Reader,

Today is it. We have come to a bitter sweet close on our little NaNoWriMo journey, but not the end of our novel-writing adventure! I’m going to keep blogging regularly with my thoughts and advice about writing. I might keep going every weekday (hopefully), but I’m not completely sure yet, so I’ll let you know soon.

Also, I still have some work to do on the plans for the beta-reading of this book, so it may be a week or so before I can get a sign up sheet out there with some information. I do know that it will be some time in 2016… probably March. But keep an eye out for that!

Anyway, I didn’t finish my novel. I think it’s going to take me at least another five or ten thousand words… maybe fifteen. I know I’ll end up cutting that down a bit in editing, but I need to the room to write out the ending for now.

Thank you to everyone who asked me questions on here and on twitter! So without further interruption, here are my answers!

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Day 27

Word Count: 100,093

Hey Reader,

I’m not done yet. I’m nowhere near done. But I got to my word count goal! I did it! I wrote one hundred thousand words in thirty days. So this is going to be a pretty short post, I guess. (Disclaimer: It isn’t. I got into it.)

So here’s something that helped me: I was having trouble getting into the story itself. For example, I had to write a really emotional chapter and it was really hard at first. It was taking place at night and I was writing it in the middle of the day, first of all. And I was writing in a completely sound state of mind, where my character is having a mental break down. Also, I was writing in a pretty spacious room, where my character was feeling trapped by everything around her.

I also didn’t really know where the scene was going to lead…

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Day 26

Word Count: Hopefully 95,000 by the end of the day.

Hey Reader,

So today we are going to change gears a little bit. I’m going to talk a little about what we’re all going to do after we finish writing our novels. To be honest, I’m writing this right now because I don’t feel like writing  my book. I’m at that little lull before everything starts happening, and I need to charge up so I can power through that later.

I wonder how many of you are already done with your NaNoWriMo novels, because typically it doesn’t take all thirty days for someone to finish. I finished on day nine, and then I started slowing down on my way to 100k.

If you have finished your book, Congrats! That’s amazing! You did it! Now think about that book you just wrote. That book is your baby. You suffered through long nights of no sleep and early morning coffee highs to get it finished. You sacrificed your TV time for it. Now think about where you want to take it.

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Day 25

Word Count: 91,126

Hey Reader,

I’m so close to 100,000 words, but I’m still pretty far from the ending! I found a problem with something that helped me jump start my word count, though. When I first started NaNoWriMo, I was thinking of my book as sort of a jigsaw puzzle. Get all of the little pieces together so that I could get the whole picture, or in this case, the whole story.

So I started to get hyped about the story by going through and writing a bunch of the backstories, the emotional climaxes, the big moments or the ones that I just really liked. And then I started piecing them together.

This is great, of course, because it got me to 50,000 words in only nine days, but I might not do that next year. Here’s why:

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Day 24

Word Count: 86k I think.

Hey Reader,

So I have five days of thanksgiving break to finish my first draft, plus Monday if I really need it. That’s not a lot of time. I know I can probably get those 14000 words in there, but the problem is that I don’t know if my story will get finished in only 100k…

I know that if it goes too far over I will probably getting rid of a lot of it in editing, but still, it’s crazy. The last book I wrote was sci-fi dystopian, so it made sense that it was 120,000 words. And my NaNoWriMo novel is actually really good, or at least until I get into editing and release that inner editor. So for now, I’m going to give myself the room to get to the end.


There are three possible endings to the book, and it is a stand-alone novel so I didn’t have to figure that out before I planned out my other books or whatever. The point is, I have no idea which path I’m going to take, and the bigger problem is that they are all so completely different.

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Day 23

Word Count: Irrelevant. (still 82k)

Hey Reader,

Sorry I’m posting this so late, but I’ve been studying. You know, because I’m still in school. Speaking of, I have something to share with you!

So when I was back in middle school (oh, the days), I had to do this project with the Hero’s Journey Archetype. This is an awesome tool to use in your writing, and I wrote and entire chapter about it in my old posts… Chapter 4 of A Writer’s Dilemma, I think. Anyway, that little ten page assignment wasn’t enough for me so I ended up turning in a 68 paged novella… later to be published as Looking For Lily.

The point is, I’ve been volunteering at my old middle school and helping people out with the assignment that I did oh-so-long ago. When everyone was done with their finished story, we all had this thing that my teacher, dear Mrs. Hamm, called the “Coffee House”.

We all brought in food and drank hot chocolate and had a whole day of sharing our works. We got feedback and got to hear others’ stories. It was great and a really eye opening experience. Especially since there are so many writers out there who aren’t taking advantage of their gifts.

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Day 20

Word count: 74,000ish

Hey Reader,

The winnings start today! I’m super excited and I finally got home. This a3a204fc-948c-41b1-98a0-5dc165534b39_zpsvggl1jwymay be short… I’m kind of behind and need to write. Also, in case you were wondering, I’m not going to validate my novel until I get to 100k. I hope. If it comes down to the last couple minutes of nano…

Anyway, how are you so doing? I’m great. Today is Friday, so that means I get to write all night and all of tomorrow without having to be interrupted by school.

Here’s something funny:

I was in a class and we were all working on computers. We were supposed to be on this website thing, but of course I was just sitting there, writing a really creepy scene from the point of view of the murderer.

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Day 19

Word Count: I’m scared to check.

Hey Reader!

I’m tired. I think I’ve said that at least ten, twenty, maybe a thousand times today. Thurdays just aren’t my thing.

So this will be a short post, since I have a very simple tip. Okay, I know we are all stressing about our word counts, or how great our stories will be, and if anyone else will like it. Don’t deny it. I’m freaking out too, it’s okay.

I find that it helps to step back from your novel. I haven’t written on it in two days. And yes, it is killing me, but I’m trying to figure out what to bring on next. I have all of the major puzzle pieces written, and I just have to figure out how to put them together.

The best advice anyone can ever give a writer is to read. It’s inspiring. My challenge for you is to read something, anything, other than your book. Get perspective. It will help you to realize what you might be doing wrong, or what it is that is blocking you. I know in the past I have advocated the “Pushing-through-the-block” thing, but I’m trying new things.

It’s all sort of trial and error kind of thing.

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Day 18

Word Count: 72,885

Hey Reader,

I’m really tired right now. Today is a Wednesday, and I’m excited because nest week we get three days, plus the usual weekend, off for Thanksgiving! To me this just means that I have an awesome amount of days without homework, where I can hopefully get to 90,000 words!

Today’s writing tip is to challenge someone else to a word count battle. Are you a little behind? Well, if you did your homework and found a writing buddy, I sure they would love to compete against you in a word sprint!

Why? It’s easy to challenge yourself, but when you have someone else holding you to these challenges, you might do better purely out of competition. Also, your writing buddy my have a trick or two up their sleeve that they are willing to share.

Also, today there is a virtual write in here if you want to participate. It’s in, like twelve hours, but you can check the countdown on the video if you wonder what time it is in your zone.

These virtual write ins are great for finding other writers. They have prompts and sprints, and then you can share some of what you wrote in the chat. They’ll read out some of them (they read mine last Wednesday!) and give shutouts to people who got a great word count for the prompt. It really is pretty fun.

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Thanks everyone for reading!


Day 17

Word count: 72,885

Hey Reader,

I’m just not having the best of luck this week. I mean, I know that there are people out there who are having a worse week than me, but I have three tests tomorrow and I’m freaking out a little bit inside. I know I shouldn’t be writing this and that I should be studying, but I fell back asleep this morning so I didn’t write this yet. I know, I suck at keeping up with things.

Tuesdays are the new Mondays.

I’m currently at around 72,000 words, which I’m very proud of, but I’m scared I won’t finish my novel before the end of NaNoWriMo. Well, finish the first draft, anyway.

I’m currently at a part where my character wants to do something and I have to figure out what obstacle to throw in her way to keep her from doing that. And let me tell you, writing buddies help. They come up with all sorts of ideas and advice and you can help them too. Writing buddies are the greatest.

This is going to be a short post, so that’s my challenge for you! Find another writer and just talk about your work. Become friends. Yes, I know, we are writers and that means we hide inside our houses, but sometimes it pays off to make friends. Like, IRL.

And if you don’t know how to find another writer, try over the internet. There are tons of people on NaNoWriMo who would love to be a writing buddy! Start there!

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Thanks everyone for reading!