Part 16: Falling Actions

Dear Reader,

How’s your summer going? Mine is great so far and I’ve had a lot of time to write, which is great for both of us. I’m sorry about posting this late, but I was in a car for what seems like half of time itself without wifi.

In this chapter, I’m going to go through what falling actions are, and where they are on the plot diagram.

If you look at the plot diagram, the next box we are moving on to is labelled, “Falling Action”. Really, there can be way more than one falling action, but that doesn’t mean there has to be. The diagram only has room for one, though, so I recommend just making a list of your falling actions on another sheet of paper if you can’t fit it all on the sheet. *


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Part 15: Climax

Dear Reader,

Sorry I’m publishing this so late, but I’ve been querying agents all day for my book, Deception.

So in this chapter, I’m going to talk about Climaxes. If you look at the plot diagram below, you will see the box in the middle of the top, labelled “Climax”. *


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