Part 3: Perspective and Setting

Dear Reader,

In this chapter, I’m going to be sharing what I know on perspective and setting. There isn’t enough to say about both of these to put them in separate chapters, but luckily they go hand in hand sometimes, so this should work out pretty good.

I guess I should start with perspective. Basically, there are three types of perspective: first person, second person and third person.

First person perspective is used in the Hunger Games, where Katniss tells the story using words like I and me. This lets the reader know what Katniss is thinking, and what is happening to her throughout the story. When using this perspective, we can only see what other characters are doing, but not what they are thinking, which is a disadvantage, unless this is something that can help your story. The reader can connect to the story and put themselves in Katniss’ shoes easier when it is in first person perspective, which is a great tool for the writer to use to help the reader engage in the story.

Example: The glass shattered as I smashed the window.

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